Saturday, 21 April 2018

Are You Willing To Do What It Takes?

Recently, I watched an interview with a world champion athlete.  Even though the athlete spoke on many aspects of his training, there was one aspect that caught the attention of the several commentators.  The athlete was asked a question of advice, for helping those who would aspire to get into better physical condition.  The athlete responded that, before getting out of bed in the morning, one should start the day with 200 crunches, every morning.  Then the athlete went on to talk of other training.  The 200 crunches every morning was just to get the day started; it was not the end of the training for the day! 

Interestingly, many of the people who commented on the interview, responded in shock, and almost horror, to the thought of just a few crunches to get the blood flowing in preparation to start the day.  In how much horror would they respond to the actual daily training regime?  And so the question arises; Are you willing to do what it takes? 

Instead of trying to keep up with the World Champion athletes' current training programmes, perhaps it would be good to start by following their progression, and working up to that level of training.  Those world class athletes started at the beginning and worked their way up to that level, which made it possible for them to operate at the world class level.  They did learn many things along the way, and it would be of benefit to those beginning, to seek their advice.  It is wise to set the foundation first, then with dedication and persistence, pursue the goal. 

Dedication and persistence are really the keys to achieving the goal.  Are we willing to do what it takes to achieve the goal?  It seems, all too often we look for a shortcut.  Some of us are not always willing to put in the work it takes to become a world champion!  I find this is often the case when also applied to the gospel.  Are we willing to put in the work, and do what it takes to become a prophet of God?  Are we willing to do what Jesus said, 'repent from all your sins, keep all the commandments, and pursue the Father with unyeilding dedication and persistence?' 

It is not requisite that we run faster than we have strength, so do not be afraid to progress steadily every day!  It is okay, we do not have to stop progressing.  We are allowed to progress on a daily basis!  Our Heavenly Father will accept this, as we progress in the name of Messiah! 

If we ask, Heavenly Father will give us the information we need. 
If we seek to understand that knowledge, and what Heavenly Father wants us to do with it, He will reveal it to us. 
If we knock, actually apply that knowledge, become it, then Heavenly Father will open to us the result! 
You can know if you have it correct, because it will yeild the correct result. 

The question still remains: 

Are we willing to do what it takes to get the same result that the prophets before us obtained? 

If so, then give up ALL your sins, and keep ALL the commandments, and pursue God with ALL your Heart, Might, Mind, and Strength!! 

May God bless you on your journey! 

Saturday, 17 March 2018

War Is Coming!

War is coming! 

Turn your hearts back to the Lord God, keep His commandments, walk in His ways!  Follow His Son! 

Monday, 22 January 2018

Building Faith!

"And he cometh to Bethsaida; and they bring a blind man unto him, and besought him to touch him.  And he took the blind man by the hand, and led him out of the town; and when he had spit on his eyes, and put his hands upon him, he asked him if he souw ought.  And he looked up, and said, I see men as trees, walking.  After that he put his hands again upon his eyes, and made him look up:  and he was restored, and saw every man clearly.  And he sent him away to his house, saying, Neither go into the town, nor tell it to any in the town." 
~ Mark 8:22-26 

She was an elderly woman, who had lived with neuropathy pain for about 15 years!  Her condition continued to deteriorate, until she had the most difficult time walking, and moving around.  Near the end of it, she spent most of her time in a chair or bed.  Her legs seemed to be constantly swollen to about 3-4 times their normal size!  Her lower legs were mostly a black and purple colour, like they were horribly bruised. 

She had been raised with the knowledge of Christ, with the belief that miracles could happen.  The problem was, that her beliefs were that the healing had to come in the fashion with which she was accustomed or taught in her religion.  This was a stumbling stone for her faith.  Instead of her faith being in Yeshua, the Holy Son of God, it was in the customs and traditions of the religion she was taught.  But, as she listened to the teachings about Christ, her heart began to take courage.  She soon asked for a blessing.  We laid our hands upon her head, and pronounced a blessing upon her.  She felt better, but her legs still hurt. 

As time went on, we taught more and more about the Saviour.  Her faith continued to increase, and once again she asked for a blessing.  This actually occurred several times, with her faith in the Saviour increasing each time.  Then one time, one of us put our hands upon her head, and the other placed hands upon her feet, and, as we spoke the words of the Saviour, the elderly grandmother could feel the power of God flow through her legs.  She began to really believe!  As she felt the power of God within her, she could feel it working in her legs, and she loved it!  It was amazing for her to actually feel the power of her Saviour working within her, healing her legs.  Her faith exploded with joy and hope!  She learned that her Saviour loved her, that he thinks that she is worth it.  Those great and terrible stumbling blocks were vanishing before the brilliance of the Son, before the tremendous love of the Saviour. 

One more blessing, and the pain was all gone.  15 years of neuopathy pain, wiped out by the love of the Saviour! 

Today, this grandmother loves to tell the doctors and everyone she meets that the Lord is real!  That the healing power and love of God is real. 

Sometimes, people need to go slow.  Often, there are stumbling blocks that are in the way.  Sometimes, it takes a few steps for their faith to increase.  It is our job to help them, to encourage them, to 'help their unbelief.'  Do not give up, just because a blessing does not take hold the first time.  Learn the will of the Father about it, humble yourself to His will, and perform the task that He asks of you.  It will work!  May the glory be to the Father, always and forever!! 

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Arise! Take Up Thy Bed And Walk.

'Arise, Take up thy bed and walk!' 

This phrase has often captured my imagination.  I have had a facination with it, as well as a dread of it.  How many times have I been asked to administer to someone, and had the thought to just take them by the hand, and in the name of Jesus Christ, raise them up?  Well, it happened again. 

We had traveled to a new place to teach people, whom a friend had seen in vision.  While there, word arrived that a woman in a wheelchair had asked for healing.  We went to see her, and spoke to her of her faith in Jesus.  She had such beautiful faith!  We asked her, that if Jesus was here, would she believe that He could heal her.  Tears came to her eyes, and she answered in the affirmative.  The thought to take her by the hand, and, in His holy name, raise her up, had already been coming.  But, due to concern about whether it would work, or if she had enough faith, or what would everyone think if it did not work, or really, just a complete lack of faith on my part...  Ugh!  Will this nonsense, of a lack of faith, ever go away???? 

We put our hands upon her head, and blessed her.  Our friend reached out, took the woman by the hand and lifted her up.  SHE STOOD!  Right there, in front of everyone, she stood!  It was beautiful to see.  And very humbling.  The woman expressed how she felt the power shoot down through to her feet as she received the blessing.  She gave thanks to the Lord!  And so did I.  What an amazing blessing! 

Monday, 11 December 2017

Question About Baptism Of Fire

Can you share how to receive your Baptism of Fire?  How to have a Broken Heart and Contrite Spirit?  How to Have Your Calling and Election and Second Comforter? 

The Baptism of Fire comes as we follow the directions of the Holy Ghost.  As we bring ourselves more and more in alignment with the Saviour.  There is the question though: What is in alignment with the Saviour? 

To keep the commandments as the Saviour kept them.  To walk the path the Saviour walked!  To live as He lived. 

We must change our lives!  We must repent in sackcloth and ashes!  We must have a broken heart, and a contrite spirit.  A broken heart and a contrite spirit is KEY! 

To have a broken heart is to be so distraught for our sins, because of our sins, that we humble ourselves so much until we become contrite!  Contrition means that we are finally ready to do whatever the Lord says to fix these things, internally and externally, to make ourselves right before Him. 

When we have a broken heart, and a contrite spirit, and we proceed to bring ourselves into alignment with the Saviour, doing all things the Holy Ghost tells us to do, then the day will come that we are purged by Fire and by the Holy Ghost. 

As we continue forward we may obtain the Second Comforter, who will continue to teach us.  As we follow His teachings, He will eventually make our Calling and Election sure. 

Saturday, 25 November 2017

It Is Not About You!

It is about Christ, it is about her.  His daughter. 

What vanity, what pride, to think it is about you, or about your worthiness!  How crazy!  How wicked! 

You put your hands upon her head and you say the blessing the Holy Spirit tells you to say.  You do not doubt, because it is not you.  You just watch the Lord Jesus Christ do His Work! 

One day a woman arrived.  She related that she had a dream, in the which she saw a servant put his hands upon her and breathe on her head.  (Previously, she was suffering from a stomach ailment, and needed an operation.) 

When the servant heard the story, the power of the Holy Ghost came upon him and he knew what he needed to do.  There was a fleeting thought like, 'How can I do this, or I hope this works, etc.' 

How wicked!  How selfish!  How vain to think it is about you! 

It is about Christ.  It is about His daughter.  It is not about you. 

The servant put one hand upon her stomach, and the other hand upon her head, and in the name of Jesus Christ announced her healed.  More blessings were given her, and she went on her way. 

It was about 2 weeks later that she returned.  She was completely healed.  The doctors could not find the mass that was in her abdomen. 

Today, this daughter of God enjoys good health!  And an exceptionally strong faith in Christ. 

May the Lord God of Heaven be blessed! 

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Prophets, Prophets, And More Prophets - Redux!

It always amazes me, the "prophets" who use false profiles, and/or send out their minions to gather information.  Then take that information back to their "prophet", who then claim that information for their own.  All in an effort to convince their followers that they have a connection to the Lord. 

The worse part is those people who follow faithfully, thinking all the time they are following the Lord's servant.  They are totally deceived by a very, intensely, eloquent "prophet".  A man of letters, a man of education, a man of books.  A man who is actually leading people down the primrose path to hell, all under the title of the Doctrine of Christ!  (Exactly what the prophecies warn against!)  All the time never teaching the actual doctrine of Christ, instead focusing on the surface ordinances, as if there were actually saving power in the ordinances themselves. 

Notice how he changes scriptures.  Notice how he leaves out parts of passages in his interpretation.  Notice how he leaves out the parts of the Law of God that he himself breaks.  He is an anti-Christ because he teaches against Christ!  He teaches AGAINST the doctrine of Christ, under the name of "The Doctrine of Christ". 

He has done away with the ordinances, not only changed them, but actually done away with them!  Telling his followers that there is no authority to do the ordinances of God!  What an angle!  All ordinances are still necessary.  All ordinances still need to be performed in the correct manner, by the correct priesthood.  Just like Baptism.  There are still legitimate lines of the priesthood that are still functioning. 

Look at his fruits!  See how many people are lowering their morals.  Because he himself breaks the Law, and teaches others so to do!  Those who follow him are not without accountability.  Each person is accountable for their own actions, no matter the deceiver they chose to follow. 

A true servant of God will be hated because he preaches a higher standard of morality, not a lower one!  BEWARE of the man who preaches a lower morality under the guise of the Doctrine of Christ! 

Look to the Lord.  Look to the standards of the Lord.  Christ actually preached very high moral standards.  If you actually want to get to the Lord for real, then actually live the standards of the Lord.  Walk the walk that He walked.  Live the way He lived.  The Lord Yeshua set the standard, He showed us the path.  Follow Him!  He fulfilled the Law, now follow Him, and fulfill the Law yourself!